Jason Fried / remote work

Just listened to Jason Fried speech / presentation in TED, where he talks about why work does not get done at the workplace. Bizarre, I know. I have been taking Fridays as my ‘admin days’ – just to be away from distraction. Turn Out-of-Office reply on and get on with the stuff from that week.

Sir Ken Robinson talks about the education and how the current system (in the UK and elsewhere I suppose) kill the creativity. I suppose it’s time for UK to start embracing the idea of flexible learning; if not in public / state, then at least in private schools. a good point was made about the value of Bcs degree. I hold one and know how little it’s worth. Even MBA people get needs to be from a leading university, otherwise it’s a debt with not much cover.

Two more videos of his appearance in TED here http://www.ted.com/speakers/sir_ken_robinson.html

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